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Vocational Technical School “Tsar Simeon Veliki” from Targovishte is a state run educational institution, with technical profiles and extensive English learning. It is representative for Targovishte Region.

It was created in 1964 as the first technical high school in the region. Since then the institution has almost 50 years of experience in preparing young specialists in Mechanics, Electronics and Automatics. We have a very good tradition in preparing the students for regional and national contests, quizzes and participation in projects where they get very good results and marks. Following this tradition we believe that the participation in this project will enhance the self-confidence and competitive power of our students in the European labour market.

Nowadays, PTG "Tsar Simeon Veliki" offers vocational education and training in the fields of – Electronics / Computer systems/, Mechanic engineering and Auto mechanics for students 14-19 years old. It has 33 teachers, half of which engineers, 17 administrative personnel and 325 students, half of them from ethnic minorities. There is a library with 10000 books, 5 ICT laboratories, an indoor sports hall and outdoors playgrounds. In 2013 we have started a project with a partner - employer in the field of ICT - Microsoft. Following this project, the construction of new educational informatics park, which will be used for the purposes of the current project, has started.

Following the curriculum in our school we teach the structure, maintenance and exploitation of the automobiles and mechanics. Electric cars and hybrid automobiles are novelties that teaching programs in action do not include or include only in a theoritical aspect.

Targovishte region is a region with high unemployment rate. Being an industrial area in the past, the town government have recently attracted new investments. Therefore, technical education has gained popularity among young people in the region. Most of them continue their education in universities in Bulgaria and abroad. These are the reasons to join the project as a partnering institution.   

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