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    It started in 1965, when the School of Mechanical Engineering / TMT / was opened for its first academic year by the Minister of Education in the town of Targovishte. 140 pupils were divided into 4 classes. Due to the lack of an own school building, classes were held in the only Secondary School  in the city of Targovishte. The building of the school TMT began in 1968.Teachers and students often helped for the building. On 05/21/1971 was the official opening of the new building of the School, in which students were taught in the specialties - "Technology of mechanical engineering", "Electric Power" and "Operation and repair of motor vehicles." The total number of classes were 22 - 16 of them were day training and 5 of them were evening training.  For the next 1971 - 1972 school year there were 24 classrooms in the new building -  eight training workshops and 3 labs. There were new specialties for the students "Cars - operation, maintenance and repair", "Electrical equipment for industries "," Manufacturing Technologies - cold treatment ". The total number of students in the day training was 487, in the evening training - 166 and the total number of classes in the School was 20. For 1975-1976 academic year a distance learnig was established with 17 students. And in the next school year was opened a three-year training course - Technical School - EOPP, then 35 students were enrolled. There was a great interest in technology and a need for specialists in that period and because of this 818 students were enrolled for the academic year 1977/78. During this year new specialties were established as Erak, EOPP.

The 30th anniversary of the opening of the School was on May 11th, 1995 and the school was officially named TMT - TMT "Tsar Simeon Veliki". The Day of the Slavic mentors St. St. Cyril and Methodius – 11th May, was chosen as a patronal holiday of the school. On that day a motor rally was held to the town of Veliki Preslav. Twelve young teachers and the new enrollled students took an oath there to enter in the ranks of the army of Simeon.

Who was Simeon Veliki?
A Bulgarian Prince (893-917), a king (917-927), the son of Prince Boris I (852-889). He took a brilliant education in the Magnaur school in Istanbul /in those years it was called Tzarigrad/.Simeon was called "half Greek," "the King who loves reading" and "the new Ptolemy" because of his great Elin-Byzantine education. After his returning in Bulgaria (886) he was trained by his father to become a head of the Bulgarian church, but instead of that he became the Bulgarian prince.

For a decade he waged four wars with Byzantium /the wars were started by Byzantium/. In 913, however, Simeon I himself appeared in front of the walls of Constantinople. Byzantium was forced to recognize  Simeon I as the king of Bulgaria, but in 914 canceled that recognition. Then the Bulgarian troops invaded again in Eastern Thrace and conquered Adrianople.

In 918 Simeon I proclaimed himself as an emperor of the Byzantines and the Bulgarian archbishop was elected as a Patriarch. In 921 the Bulgarian army reached the Dardanelles for Gallipoli Peninsula - trying to pass on the Asia Minor coast. In 923 Tsar Simeon I again reached the walls of Constantinople.
During his reign Bulgaria enlarged its territory right up to  the Black, Aegean and Adriatic Seas. Simeon I had the title and position equivalent of the Byzantine Basileus. It was the second ruler after Charlemagne, who acquired the title equivalent to that of the Byzantine emperor. Bulgarian Church became independent; Bulgaria became the spiritual center of the Slavic world; the second Bulgarian capital - Veliki Preslav, became one of the main cultural centers of Southeast Europe and the town, which rivaled the splendor of Constantinople.

The pedagogical council approved the new name of the school on 13 January 2003: Vocational School "Tsar Simeon Veliki".
Since the foundation of the school it has trained students in 21 different specialties in the field of transport, mechanical engineering, woodworking and food processing, electrical and power engineering, electronics, computer and communication equipment.
In its 50 years history, the school has established itself as an elite vocational school in Targovishte region, resisted challenges and vicissitudes of time, has educated and trained thousands of young people.
 A state plan is carried out for admission of the training period of four and five years, respectively, with third degree of qualification in the three leading professional technical directions - "Electronics and automation", "Motor vehicles, ships and aircraft "and" Engineering, metalworking and metallurgy."

Participation in extracurricular activities:
1. Project works:

  • "My school - Present and Future"  the National program "The school - territory of the students" module "ritualization of school life"
  • "Care for each student" module "Providing training of talented students to participate in school’s Olympiads" - in technical drawing.
  • "To make the school attractive to young people" - SUCCESS. Formed 16 clubs: Club "Karting" Media Club "S & D", "I archive", Club "Applied Electronics", "SRH", "In the world of cars," "Targovishte in the struggle for national unification", Section "Tennis table "," Mathematical Games, "" Games of our ancestors, "" Streetball "Section" Football ", Entrance" Mini Soccer "," Virtual travel in a globalized world "," entertaining electronics "," Eco backpack - survival nature. "  Clubs and sections are attended by 152 students.
  • "Updating the educational process in the Vocational Technical School" Tsar Simeon Veliki "Targovishte in cooperation with the employers in the field of ICT."
  •  Project "Students practice." Young people from "Computer Engineering" and "Computer networks" within the 240 classes students acquire knowledge and practical skills in some companies.
  • "Training the teaching staff"
  • "A new opportunity for my future"
  •  "E-day car"  - program "Erasmus +" Key Activity 2 - "Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices"
  • “Together for success in Europe”  - program "Erasmus + Key Activity 1
  • "Spain - New Technologies for European Vocational Education" - program "Erasmus + Key Activity 1
  • "ICT OLYMPIC GAMES" - program "Erasmus +" Key Activity 2 - "Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices"

2. Participation in sport competitions
Students from PTG "Tsar Simeon Veliki" participate in sport competitions: soccer, table tennis, streetball, basketball, volleyball.
In 2005 - 2006 school year became national champions in basketball and 8 - April 15, 2007 - participated in the World Student Games  in France. The champion of Bulgaria - basketball team PTG "Tsar Simeon Veliki" was the only Bulgarian team, which took part in those games.

3. Participation in Olympiads and competitions in professions.
3.1. Competitions in professions:

  • National competition in electronics "I can and  know how"
  • National Competition "Best technician in mechanical engineering"
  • National competition "Best Young mechanic and driver"
  • National networking competition for students under the aegis of the Bulgarian Association of Network Academies and company CISCO., Conducted in the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski".
  • School competition "Best mechanic of computer equipment"

In early September 2014 a truck entered in the workshop of PTG. The truck was manufactured in 1959. Under the leadership of Eng. Marinov students from XI and XII th grade performed  50 operations of  troubleshooting and upgrading of the vintage car.

Each year students from PTG represent the school with dignity in the National Olympiad in Technical Drawing. In April 2015, from 32 participants in the third group, 9 students were ours.


Traditions of the school are the participations in Olympiads in History and Civilization, Geography and Economics, as well as in the International competition in Informatics and computer literacy "Beaver".


A school defeats time and its challenges with hard work  and the will of all who works and studies at that school.


Everything could be reached  with the help of traditions and the ambition to prove and manage.

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